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Things You Should Know About Argentina Before Going There


The amazing landscape of Argentina stretches from the north’s stunning waterfalls throughout expansive drum-flat pampas to the glaciers, mountains and lakes of the Deep South. When travelling to Argentina, your biggest problem is how to fit all things in.

Travellers appreciate Buenos Aires’ pace where you meet nice people in areas with Parisian-style architecture. An open and airy cafe culture co-exists along with an energetic art scene. You can go down to La Boca where tango began. The local buildings that are painted with colors have been gentrified; however, the area maintains an edge.

Cabalgata Torres del Paine

In Mendoza, you can choose to ski down Aconcagua’s foothills before you drop in to a winery and perfect a big steak served together with a glass of fine red. During the winter, from June to October, the Lake District own is a ski resort but people enjoy the place as a hiking paradise during other times of the year. You can go to the Atlantic coast or to Ushuala in the east to see seals and penguins. In order to ensure the best experience, visit Patagonia. Head to the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Important Recommendations

  • Look for your Inner Gaucho- Consider becoming a part of the cattle country by living in an estancia to saddle up for polo games or cattle drives throughout big estates.



  • Deal with the Dead- A cemetery in La Recoleta has mausoleums of the great and good of Buenos Aires that are bigger than a lot of inner-city dwellings. To see the grave of Evita, you can just pay a small child there.
  • Pampa Yourself- You can expect the pampas in Argentina to be stunning which stretch flat as a lake to a cloudy horizon. Ride or drive across the extraordinary landscape.


Buenos Aires

  • Wine is Good- you can choose to drive around the rolling vineyards and colonial towns where wine tasting opportunities abound.
  • Learn to Tango- The dance was started in Buenos Aires and many places in Argentina can teach you this. You can enter informal clubs in Palermo or Recoleta districts.
  • Sunbathe on Ice- Los Glaciares National Park’s Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the greatest sights of the world. This 18-mile ice river fractures and carves into the nearby water. You can sunbathe here in the summer although not for long.
  • Wow at Water- Visit the Brazilian border in the north to see the torrents of rainbowed water of the Iguacu Falls. Also, you will witness butterflies feasting on the surrounding National Park’s mist.


Iguazu Falls

Perfect Tips

If you want a really authentic day out, consider taking your own meat to the countryside. You can see public barbecues dotted around many beauty spots where many happy people in the country grill meat in the outdoors. If you are a music or book fan, allow one day for pottering around a lot of books and record shops in the city of Buenos Aires. Should you need more information and tips for a good Argentina travel, check out Uniktour voyage Argentine.

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