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See London For Free In 2015 On A Guided Waking Tour


If you’re planning a visit to London at some point during 2015, you’re likely already planning what you want to see and where you want to go, researching the very best attractions which the city has to offer and trying to work out what’s possible within the time you’re staying there. Regardless of whether you’re visiting from within the UK or from abroad, London has something for absolutely everyone, from couples to families with young children, however the harsh reality is that, however long your stay, there simply isn’t time to see everything. As such, you’ll often need to pass on some of the things you wanted to see, however in many instances, there’s a great solution which can help you see a large majority of things which you want to see, at absolutely no cost to yourself!


Free, you hear us say? Surely absolutely nothing in London is free? Perhaps we tell a little white lie, however technically, you can see the finest sights for the city without spending a penny, unless you enjoy yourself that much that you wish to do so! We’re talking about the guided walking tours run daily by Free Tours of London. These guys run three different tours on a daily basis, regardless of the weather. Come rain or shine, you’re offered the chance to see the hidden sights (as well as the famous delights) of this fantastic city on tours led by guides who know the area inside out. You’ll never get to see every corner of London unless you’re on a tour with someone who knows they exist and the likes of bus and boat tours simply cannot get in the places where you can do on foot!


Taking a look at the tours offered, there really is one for everyone! From their ‘Old City’ tour which see’s you taking in the sights of the area where the Romans first settled and taking you to the Temple Church, St Paul’s Cathedral and other famous sites to their ‘Royal Tour’ where you’ll be taken on a journey through British history, seeing, amongst others, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. On the other hand, if you’d rather take a stroll out in the evening, their free Jack The Ripper Tour of London allows you to discover one of London’s darkest chapters and visit the locations of the Whitechapel orders.

Above all, these tours are, as they say on the tin, completely FREE, however they do operate on a ‘pay what you want’ basis. At the end of the day, these tour guides work day in day out to allow you to see the finest corners of London and it’s only fair that you pay whatever you feel the tour is worth. If you feel it’s worth £20 for the family, we encourage you to leave that, however if you’re on a budget and can only leave a fiver, you’ll be welcomed all the same!

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