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Want To Learn More About South Africa Tours Or Motorcycle Tours In Thailand?

SONY DSCWhen you think of some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, it’s likely that you think of places within Europe or the United States (such as France, England, Canada and California). Whilst parts of Asia might also rank quite highly on this list, it’s unlikely that you would ever have thought to take a motorcycle tour in Thailand. It’s also unlikely that you would have even thought to list a so-called developing country, such as a South Africa tour.

South Africa Tours

Many people recommend that you hire a car (especially one with a driver) if you want to make the most of these sorts of tours, as it will enable you to see as much of the country as possible. Not only is this beneficial because the cities are set wide and far apart from one another, it will also give you the opportunity to visit some of the more remote attractions that the country has to offer. It is also a great holiday destination for all types of travelers, from the explorers, adventurers and wild life or cultural enthusiasts to the nature lovers.

The three major cities of South Africa are Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, so make sure that they are on your list of places to see. There are also plenty of wild life safari tours that you can sign up for, allowing you to get up close and personal with some of the most majestic wildlife in the world. For the romantics, you can take a trip to the region’s Winelands and explore some of the famous wine routes before moving onto Gordon’s Bay and Mossel’s Bay.

Motorcycle Tours Thailand

If you prefer the open road, however, you might like to join the many people who are opting to tour Thailand on the back of a motorcycle. One of the main reasons that this country is such a popular destination is that it offers a wide variety of biking terrain, including: the mountainous northern region, the flatter and scenic central region and the beautiful southern region. There are plenty of tour operators to choose from, allowing you to experience a single afternoon, day or even week on the back of a motorcycle.

One thing that you will quickly notice about Thailand, especially in the southern region, is that some areas are prone to lots of traffic. Fortunately, the roads offer plenty of shoulder space for small motorcycles and bicycles to squeeze through so that you don’t get held up for too long. Travelling during the rainy season (roughly between May and October) can be problematic if you were planning to camp, but you should be able to find a cheap hotel.

For your next overseas adventure, why not try something that you would never have thought to do in the past? You could try a South Africa tour that takes you through the desolate landscape and shows you many of the country’s animals in their natural habitat. Or you could try a motorcycle tour in Thailand that allows you to experience the country in the same way that the locals do. Whatever option you choose for your next holiday most adventurous tour with Viktorianz, we are sure that you will have the experience of a lifetime.

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