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Fun Games To Play At A Hen Party

SONY DSCIf you have a hen party to plan, you might want to consider the following games that you could play. Organizing such bachelorette parties requires the bridesmaids to think of some fun and naughty games that will entertain everyone.  Here are some innocent and humiliating games that one can consider to pay at their hen party do

Pass this Parcel

We have all played pass the parcel in our child hood days. Well this game takes things to a whole different level. The prizes are risqué. The challenges are quite different from what we had when were kids. “Kiss a random guy”

 Or give a hot lap-dance to somebody is what you can be asked to do. The game is fun and perfect or such hen party Thailand events.

One will need a huge big prize, some small prizes, paper, music and chits with tasks to perform.

Pin the Fireman

Ok it is not what it seems. The pin the donkey game has a new spin. Now you have the pin a hose onto the fireman. You can use a cartoon drawing or can actually hire a fireman. You will need a poster, a cloth for blond folding and a pecker. Keep a good prize for the winner. This game is a huge hit with hens especially at hen party Thailand.

Pick truth or perform a dare

If there is any game that will embarrass you at a hen party Thailand, it is definitely this one. If you pick truth you will have to spill the beans and some people go into shock on hearing the things they get to know about.  If that wasn’t enough picking dare will have you do some of the most absurd and daring things you probably would have ever done. You might have to roam around the party area asking people to sign on your bra. The person who accomplishes the weirdest task should be given the prize. This game is such fun to play. One can ask their guests to write down the questions to be asked the dares they would like to give. You can keep two separate bowls filled with the chits.

Scavenger Hunt

You could have the women scurrying around the party area for condoms, panties, bras and what not. Divide people into teams and have them work as a group to uncover the hidden treasures. The winning team with the most finds will get a big surprise.


Arrange for an easel form somewhere and start a game of Pictionary. The things that you will have to guess will range from strippers to thongs to handcuffs to all sorts of weird things. Hen party Thailand is incomplete without a game of good old racy and raunchy Pictionary.

Bridal Pictionary

Design the bride’s wedding dress

This one will have people going at it. The inner designers of all the guests can come alive with this game. Give the guests toilet paper, tolls of cotton and ask them to create a dress with some awkward material. What is worse is the teams divided must display the designed dress on a model. The bride must choose the dress she likes best and award the team with a prize. People really can come up with some amazing ideas and some terrible ones to. The whole point of the game is have a good laugh and enjoy each other’s company while trying to impress the bride and succeed in winning the prize.

Post it game

The guests are given post it’s where they have to write a sweet story or incident that they had with the bride. The childhood secrets and other skeletons come straight out of the closet guests at the hen party Thailand  seize the opportunity to pull the bride’s leg. The bride can then keep all these notes as keepsakes to remember the night. Make sure that anybody doesn’t go overboard with this game and say stuff that can hurt another person’s feeling. Any party in Thailand should have the guests know the idea is to laugh and not inflict pain.

As you can see, all the games here are twisted and so wicked that they will have you laughing in splits. If you have ever attended a hen party in Thailand, you better make yourself used to such games. The competition at these dos is unbelievable because everybody wants to out the other.

These fun games are a great way to manage the guests and keep them from falling asleep. With alcohol to serve, you can make your hen party Thailand the bestthat everyone has ever been to.

Shelly Maurice is an article writer by profession. She has vast experience in writing about planning weddings and hen party Thailand.

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