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Top Reasons To Go Golfing In Thailand


Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and its rich culture and history are just two of the reasons so many choose to visit this country each year. Golfing is another such reason, as Thailand has over 200 golf courses to choose from and enjoy during your stay. With so many courses to play, you may find yourself in need of a second and third visit to make sure you see them all.

One of the biggest draws to Thailand is the value you get for your money in all aspects of your stay. For example, one American dollar is worth about 35 baht. To understand the significance of this number, consider the price of a bottle of soda in Thailand. For 10 baht, you can enjoy a cool beverage to quench your thirst. For about 350 baht, roughly 10 dollars, you can ride an elephant through town, purchase four or five meals, or enjoy your pick of the souvenirs found in the local market.

The Weather

Thailand is home to some of the most ideal golfing weather in the world. Even the rainier season is completely comfortable and enjoyable if you visit the right area of Thailand. Golf in Thailand is thus extremely appealing to those who enjoy the hobby and something people fly in from all over the globe to partake of.

During the cool season between the months of November and February, the climate is at its peak for golfing. Light breezes, consistent sunshine, and cool temperatures allow golfers to play at their leisure without discomfort or delays. Even the warmer months are still acceptable with the proper amount of sunblock and a bit of water in your bag. If your biggest inconvenience is a bit of humidity, your golfing holiday is sure to be amazing.

Golf Courses

Many courses in Thailand were developed by leading professionals such as Nick Faldo, meaning you can feel secure in the knowledge that your course will be both fun and challenging. In addition, a number of courses were designed by famous award-winning architects such as Robert Trent Jones and leading Japanese architects. There are over 200 courses located throughout this country, meaning you can play on a different green each day of your stay and not come close to seeing them all.

The Landscapes

Have you ever stood near or on a beautiful mountain covered in lush jungle while you tee off? In Thailand, you can actually do this. This country is most famous for its amazing views, lush wildlife, and friendly locals. When you find yourself here for a golfing holiday, you also find yourself in a paradise on earth fit for a celebrity.

Since you get much more here for your money, you can enjoy luxuries during your stay that you would not otherwise be able to afford. Enjoy a meal on the town every day and take part in the nightlife that never sleeps. Remember to visit the local restaurants and try the foods available at local street vendors. Once you have a taste of everything Thailand has to offer, you may decide to extend your stay.

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