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The Top 5 British Beaches


Britain is composed of a large island and a few smaller islands around it. This gives the people of Britain and tourists visiting the country a lot of choices when it comes to their choice of beaches. If you are thinking of taking a holiday at the beach with your friends or family members, consider the best British beaches from Cornwall to Scotland.

Britain’s Top 5 Beaches

1. Bournemouth in Dorset, England is one of the best beaches adorned with golden sand and an artificial surf reef that makes it ideal for surfers. It is the perfect beach for family outings for the day. It is also the best beach in the city. This place is perfect for a day trip. You won’t have to travel too far and neither would you need to check in a hotel for an overnight stay just to visit the beach.

2. You may also consider checking out hotels in Blackpool Seafront. You will find many thing to do in this area and discover nice places to visit such as casinos, heritage buildings and a bustling nightlife. To make the most of your trip to this beach area, you should consider checking in a hotel to stay the night. This gives you more time to explore the area and make the most of your voyage to this location.

3. If you and your companions enjoy swimming at the beach aside from just sunbathing and wading in the water, you should visit West Wittering in West Sussex, England. The sandy area is expansive and the water quality is excellent for safe swimming. The beach shelves slowly into the ocean, making it an ideal place to swim. Young children can even wade around in shallow tidal pools when the tide is out.

4. For those who have a more adventurous streak, consider going to the Abereiddi Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire, Wales. This is not your traditional beach with wide open sandy areas or shallow waters that are ideal for swimming or young children. This place will be better appreciated by those who enjoy jumping of cliffs into the water. It is also a romantic area for lovers to take strolls.

5. One of the most popular pastimes that individuals and families do on the beach is to picnic. Not everyone wants to swim, surf or get wet. At the West Sands, in St. Andrews, Scotland, you can spend the day picnicking at the wide sandy shores with your friends or children. Many people also like to visit the nearby St. Andrew’s golf course to play a round of golf in one of the world’s oldest and most historic courses.

How To Prepare For Your Trip To The Beach

A couple of weeks before leaving for your beach trip, you should complete a check list of reminders and things to take with you. You lists can make up of beach items to bring such as bathing suits, flip flops, towels, sunblock lotion, and extra clothes. If you are taking young children with you, don’t forget to list down items like beach toys and a first aid kit.

You should also bring some food and beverages or maybe even pack a
picnic basket. Bring along a large blanket you spread out on the beach for your picnic. If you are going to a far off beach, bring extra food and drinks for the road trip. Determine the essential items you need to bring with you and leave behind unnecessary things that will only be a burden to lug around the beach.

Aside from bringing some sunblock lotion to protect your skin from burning, you should also protect your eyes from the sun. Bring a pair of sunglasses for each individual in your group including shades for children. You may also wish to take safety gear for young children such as arm floaters and a first aid kit.

Depending on the kind of beach you are going to, you may need various sports gear and accessories. Some beaches are great for swimming and snorkelling while others are perfect for skiing and windsurfing. Put some thought into your needs and what the beach can offer.

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