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CLC World Travel Centre Free Holiday: How Do CLC Promotional Holidays Work?


Have you been offered a free holiday from CLC Travel Centre? Are you concerned that it’s a scam or a con? Here is some information that should help you make up your mind.

First things first, CLC World resorts and hotels used to be called Club La Costa. At last count, they had over 30 resorts (so yes, they are a REAL company).

What do they do?

CLC world runs, builds and sells resort properties in a number of ways. Some resorts are for holiday makers, others are for complete sale (as holiday homes) and others are for their members. Their members are made up of their traditional timeshare business and what is now called fractional property ownership.

So why are they offering you a free holiday?

As mentioned, they run a range of ways to sell their resorts and products. Being a traditional resort operator, they don’t like to sell anything online, unless it’s a straight holiday rental, which some of their sites allow, and some don’t.

They aim to grow their membership base, which works better for them and their resorts, so that they can focus on high end quality, rather than quantity, in and out model most holiday resorts operate in. They also like to sell full priced real estate.

So the reasons you are being offered a free holiday at one of CLC Travel Centre venues, are:

  1. They would like to be able to talk to you about their products for sale before you go on holiday.
  2. They would like for you to experience the holiday (sort of a try before you buy).

Are the holidays worth it? Well, let Trip Advisor Reviews tell you.

In 2015 THREE of CLC Worlds resorts were in TripAdvisor’s prestigious 2015 Hall of Fame. These CLC holiday resorts have  been independently reviewed and ranked.

The Three hall of famers are:

  • CLC Duchally (Scotland);
  • CLC Hustyns (Cornwall)
  • CLC Monterey (Tenerife).

TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence, awarded for consistently high scoring reviews and requiring scores of at least four out of a possible five,  went to a further FOUR of CLC world resorts (again, powered by independent and honest reviews):

  • CLC Trenython Manor (Cornwall)
  • CLC Apollonium Spa & Beach (Turkey)
  • San Diego Suites at CLC Club La Costa World (Spain)
  • CLC Sunningdale Village (Tenerife).

In the USA, CLC resorts have been awarded 4.5 out of 5 and has been named no 3 Speciality Lodging in Kissimmee, a town full of older, more established resorts. CLC Regal Oaks commands the no 2 spot for the same category.

Interested in CLC World genuine resort reviews?

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See CLC Free holiday comments here

Don’t be put off by a handful of negative reviews online – as with any business, what they are selling isn’t for everyone, and would not please every holiday maker – but they have plenty of reviews and opinions from genuine people to at least give the CLC World Travel Centre Holiday Offer a fair chance. Their London Travel Centre is here

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